Brow Services on offer at The Beauty & Laser Lounge

Here at The Beauty & Laser Lounge you'll find a brow service suitable to your brow goals & needs. 
See below whats on offer and what service might be suitable for you


Brow Lamination

This brow service is becoming highly demanded. Brow Lamination is essentially a lift for your brow hairs. By using your natural brow hairs, solutions are used to straighten and set your brow hairs in order to create a fuller and fluffier look. This service is ideally paired with a brow dye & brow sculpt (wax). Not suitable to pair with Henna.


HD (Tint) Brows

HD (Tint) brows are a favorite brow service (usually best paired with a brow sculpt/wax). HD (Tint) brows are essentially using a tint designed to stain the skin for up to 2-3 days and remain on the brow hairs for up to 4 weeks.

By using a HD (Tint) brow service this helps to really define and create an even colour for your brows.


Henna Brows

Henna brows are a natural pigment used to stain the skin for up to 7-10 days (depending on skin type, products used etc). Henna doesn't require any oxidant to activate it - only rose water.

Henna can last up to 6 weeks on the brow hairs. This service is best suited to clients who have spares brows and are looking to create an even brow shape. This service is NOT suited to clients with oily skin/oily t-zone areas.


Hybrid (Dye) Brows

Hybrid brows are a mixture of brow tint (an oxidant is required to activate the  desired colour) and henna ( dye is also designed to last on the skin for up to 7-10 days dependant on skin type as er Henna)

Hybrid Brows are another fast tending brow service where you can ceate fuller more defined looking brows that'll last longer than a HD brows.

Hybrid (Dye) brows can last up to 6 weeks on the brow hairs. 


Brow Sculpt/Wax

A brow sculpt or wax as most commonly referred to - helps to remove any stray and outgrown brow hairs that are ruining the shape of the brow. By using hot wax - we can gently & effectively remove these hairs leaving you with a clean & sculpted pair of beautiful brows.

This service is usually paired with one or more of our other brow services.